5 Terrifying Mermaids in Legends Around the World

2. Siyokoy and Sirena from Filipino Folklore

Sirenas are the typical mermaid we know and love. They use their enchanting voice and beauty to attract men further into the ocean either drowning them in the end or taking them into their underwater kingdom.

But what makes them special is that their tears are said to be able to grant people immortality and that they don’t like humans at all.

Then there is the Siyokoy. They are the male counterpart of the Sirena. They are humanoid creatures that either have a fishtail or scaled legs with webbed toes. Or even a fish head with scaly human limbs.

They are said to be leaders and protectors of the sea and just like the Sirenas, they don’t like humans as well. They would definitely attack humans or any vessels that trespass into their territory.