5 Terrifying Mermaids in Legends Around the World

Mermaids in this video are part fish part human. Which part is fish and which part is human does not matter. 🙂

Now that that’s out of the way, here are 5 mermaid legends from around the world:

5. Ceasg from Scottish Mythology

They are half human and half salmon. Of course the salmon half is the tail. They are known to seduce sailors and lure them into the sea. What happens to the men in the sea is unknown but they never return home. So presumably dead.

Now the best thing you should do when encountering them is to never try anything with them because you can disappear in the abyss if you become enchanted. Though you might be one of the lucky ones to satisfy their curiousity. They are said to be able to shapeshift into fully human and marry the man that caught their attention.

Though the marriage never last long as they would become bored and go back to sea leaving the husband and their children. It is said, their offspring would become great sailors or have a talent that has something to do with the sea.

Other than that, the ceasg is also said to be able to grant three wishes if captured in exchange for her release. When the third wish is granted, she would disappear into thin air probably just teleported by magic when the condition is met.