5 Scary Women in Japanese Folklore

2. Mu Onna

She is a vengeful spirit that lost her child either because of famine or war. She is a tender loving mother that wants to protect any child that she can find especially lost children. But the scary part of her is that she has no face, this is where the word Mu (無) in her name comes from which means “nothing”.

This kind of feeling?

Though her intention is supposedly good, she would end up absorbing the child that she found while comforting them. When the child is unconscious, that is when she would absorb them into her very being. All that left is nothing but memories that she obtained from the children.

My brother told me that he once saw a woman with no face when he was little. He said it was right inside a house we rented long ago just standing near a corner and that she turned her head towards him right when he saw her. Thinking that it was a ghost, he ran upstairs to hide and just let it be.