5 Scary Women in Japanese Folklore

3. Harionago

She is a beautiful woman who roams the streets of Shikoku especially in the Ehime perfecture at nights. In the veil of darkness, she seems like any ordinary woman just strolling about with her hair loose that seem to sway in the wind. But on closer inspection, the swaying hair has barbed hooks on its ends. If you manage to get close enough to notice this, it might have already been too late.


She wanders the street to find easy young men walking in the streets at night. She would smile to the victim to be and if the smile is returned, she will then attack. Her hair would seem like its alive and with lightning speed would lash out to the victim. The millions of hooks would dig into the victim’s flesh. Then her hair would quickly bind the man rendering him helpless. Finally with the last tug, she would rip the man into pieces which she would then eat happily.