5 Scary Women in Japanese Folklore

4. Ao Nyobo

Ao means Blue and Nyobo means imperial court lady. When a Nyobo is married off to a worthy suitor, they would spend their time in their own private residence waiting for their husband or secret lover to come over.

Court Ladies with their extravagant layered Kimono

Now an Ao Nyobo is a yokai that wears extravagant layered kimono which may or may not look disheveled. She would have long black hair like most court ladies do. The Nyobo would stay in abandoned homes of fallen nobles. There she would always be found sitting in front of a mirror applying makeup. Waiting and hoping for a lover to come and stop her from the long wait.

But, because of her hideous appearance. With her red bloodshot eyes, black teeth, white painted wrinkled skin and high arched eyebrows, humans tend to get scared and either run away from her. People might even end up being the first one to attack her. Usually, only in anger, will she then devour the men as a means of revenge or pretty women because of jealousy.