5 Scary Women in Japanese Folklore

Japan has a lot of stories of weird creatures in their collection. These folklore creatures may be identified with many names such as Yokai or bakemono or even ayakashi. This list will talk about 5 scary women in Japanese folklore.

5. Jorogumo

A Biwa
Which could mean either binding bride or whore spider. In the Edo period, a few stories of the Jorogumo could be found. In many of these stories, the Jorogumo would more than likely transform into a beautiful woman. But her original appearance is that of a magical 400+ year old spider that lives in secluded places like in the woods, empty houses or even caves.

She would seduce men into marrying her or just lure men into her dwelling. She does this either by using her beauty or her artistic talent of playing a musical instrument such as the Biwa. After the seducing or luring is successful, she would then bind the man, preferably a handsome young man, with her strong web that the man has no chance to break free.

Like most spiders, she would wrap the man in the web and wait for him to die. When he’s finally dead, the spider would then eat to her content.