5 Real Ancient Underwater Cities

You might think of Atlantis when you hear about underwater cities or civilisations. Also, technically we have not even found this city of Atlantis. But other than Atlantis, there are real and existing cities that have sunk underwater. This article talks about 5 real underwater cities that you might even be able to visit one day.

The Yonaguni Monument or The Japanese Pyramid, Japan

These underwater structures is located just South of the Yonaguni Island which is one of the many islands of the Yaeyama Islands. Yonaguni has been a good place for divers to observe hammerhead sharks.

So, the structure was found by Kihachiro Aratake, a diver from Japan. It ws during one of his diving excursions at the shore of Yonaguni Island in 1987. This was when he found something unusual. Something that appears to be a man-made, terraced structure under the sea.

According to experts, the structure dates back to about 10, 000 BC. Experts argued that it could just be a natural formation rather than man-made. But the cuts found in the structure seems to be too straight, too parallel and too angled that people are more inclined to believe that it is definitely man made.

There are more evidence pointing towards it being a man-made structure such as pillars, ancient engravings and even something resembling a monument that has a “face”. Even so, the origins of who built the pyramid in Japan is still unknown.