5 Ramadan and Eid al-Fitri Facts

3. Muslim Countries during Ramadan

In some Muslim countries, people can get prosecuted for not fasting and/or flouting such behaviour openly. Different countries have different penalties; some much more heavier than others.

This could be seen from Algeria. In October 2008 where six people were jailed for 4 years along with a fine of $1300. Then there’s the U.A.E where the punishment would only be a few hundred hours of community service.

Not all Muslim countries have punishments for failing to fast.

Also, in most Muslim countries, the working hours are usually a bit shortened during that month to keep a balance between religious activities and work.

Now, just like Christmas and Halloween, Ramadan and Eid al Fitr are now also commercialised. This is the time when most things are either on sale or prices would suddenly be increased or decreased. Because Eid al Fitr is the time for celebration and what does a celebration need? Decorations, good clothes and food. This will be elaborated later.