5 Rain Yokai in Japanese Folklore

1. Bake Kujira / 化鯨


It is a ghost whale. There is only one story of it and it goes a bit like this:

One rainy night, off the coast of Okino Island in the Shimane prefecture. Fishermen from the village saw a massive and white thing appeared.

So they rowed a boat out to sea to see what it was. As they get closer and closer, they deducted that it could be a whale.

To their surprise, near the whale, they saw thousands and thousands of fish.

Fish that they have never seen before just swimming about near the surface and even weird birds are flying in the skies.

Weirded out but more interested in the whale, one of the fishermen threw his harpoon at the white mass but the harpoon only passed through it as if it wasn’t really there.

Now, because of the rain, it was really hard to see but when the fishermen finally got a good look at the whale, it was actually a skeleton of a great Baleen whale. A moving and alive skeleton with no skin or meat on it at all.

Terrified of all the strangeness, they even saw an island at a distant that shouln’t be there as if they stepped into unknown territories which I think is just another dimension. But who knows.

So while they were astonished and petrified, the whale and everything strange that came with it, quickly went further away from them.

Whatever the thing they saw was, may it be a ghost, an alien spaceship or even some strange god, it was never seen again.