5 Rain Yokai in Japanese Folklore

2. Onibi / 鬼火

They are balls of fire that are usually bluish in colour. They could also be, but rarely, red or yellow balls of fire.

Their size are said to be as small as the fire on a candle or as big as basketballs and they are said to float in the air for about 1 or 2 metres above the ground.

The Onibi would usually appear around spring to summer but they mostly appear during rainy days. They can appear to be only 1 or 2 of them around or in a group of more than 20.

They also like to be near areas such as the wetlands, graveyards and places that are surrounded by nature.

These Onibi are different from a Hitodama in that a Hitodama are human souls that are detached from their bodies just wandering about harmlessly near cemeteries. While the Onibi are demon fires that suck life force out of you until nothing but a husk of dead flesh on the ground.