5 Rain Yokai in Japanese Folklore

4. Sunekosuri / 脛擦り

It means lower legs or shin rubber. You would know what I mean if you have a pet. Some cats and dogs would actually do this. They would rub against your legs and make it really hard to walk.

Something like this?

This is what the Sunekosuri does. A mischievous yokai that appears during rainy nights especially in the Okayama prefecture.

They would get in the way of people’s path, maybe nuzzle against the knees or weave in and out in between your legs and just makes it very difficult to walk.

Other than the danger of tripping, the Sunekosuri does no harm to humans.

The depictions of the Sunekosuri in drawings and other forms of media seem to always depict it as a small, furry animal which can either be cat-like or dog-like.