5 Rain Yokai in Japanese Folklore

Yokai are folklore creatures from Japan. Creatures that are weird, creepy, dangerous or even funny. Japan has a collection of Yokai as they really do like their scary stories especially during summer.

But here are 5 out of many that comes out especially during rainfall.

5. Amefuri Kozo / 雨降小僧

Amefuri Kozo means rainfall boy. Anywhere he goes, there would be rain because the Amefuri kozo is the one that supposedly makes the rain fall.

He’s not the kami(or god) that makes rain but it is known that the Yokai works for the rain god.

The Amefuri Kozo’s appearance is of a boy wearing children’s kimono, wooden clogs and always wears a hat which either looks like an umbrella or wide-brimmed straw hat.

They are quite shy and rarely show themselves to humans.

There are stories that if you steal the umbrella hat off of him and wear it, you would never be able to take it off.

There’s also another story where they just like the rain and they feel pleasure looking at people troubled and are wet.