5 Putin Critics Who Ended Up Dead

1. Sergei Yushenkov

Sergei Yushenkov was a Russian politician and liberal lawmaker. He was openly critical of the Presidency of Vladimir Putin, just like everyone listed earlier.

He was the head of a liberal political party. The party was openly challenging the power of the FSB and the other Russian authorities. He was also known to have received threats from a high ranking FSB general according to a russian journalist and editor of a citizen’s rights magazine.

The party also promised to investigate about the bombings of an apartment block that killed nearly 300 people in September 1999. The bombings were believed by those who opposed Putin and the FSB to be the work of Putin and the FSB to boost the popularity of Putin and to bring the pro-war party together.

Anyways, it was on the 17th April 2003 that he was killed from being shot by an assailant using a gun with a silencer according to the police. It was believed to be a political assassination as this was the 10th death of a member of parliament since 1994.

Also, 3 months later, another member of the commission, Yuri Shchekochikhin was also assassinated.