5 Putin Critics Who Ended Up Dead

2. Anna Politkovskaya

Anna Politkovskaya was a Russian Journalist and a human rights activist. Like most people listed here, she was also critical and open of her discontent of Vladimir Putin. She wrote several books about the Chechen wars and had a book called Putin’s Russia which talks about the life in Modern Russia.

It was about the corruption, the brutality, the routine kidnappings or murders or tortures and etc. She accused Vladimir Putin and the FSB for the degradation of the system.

Throughout her cry out and activites, she has had multiple threats and death threats. She was put through a mock execution by the military in Chechnya around 2001. In September 04, she fell violently ill and lost consciousness after drinking tea which was reportedly poisoned.

But it was on the 7th October 2006 that she was found dead in an elevator near her home in central Moscow. She was shot twice in the chest, once in the shoulder and once in point blank range to her head.

Five men were convicted of her murder but it was actually found that she was killed due to a contract killing. An assassination ordered by an unknown person as they never left their name.