5 Putin Critics Who Ended Up Dead

This article will talk about 5 Putin critics; their life and their deaths. Some had suspicious circumstances surrounding their deaths while others were blatantly assassinated. So here are 5 Putin critics that ended up dead.

5. Boris Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov was a politician who openly opposed the government of Russia that is under Vladimir Putin’s presidency. He was the former deputy prime minister of Russia under Boris Yeltsin the president before Vladimir Putin and the first president of the Russian Federation.

So it was obvious that he was a big critic of Putin. He accused Putin for accepting bribes from Russia’s many oligarchs.

On the 27th of February 2015, Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed while crossing the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge near Kremlin. He was walking home from a restaurant with his girlfriend who was there during the shooting but was unharmed.

Seven or eight shots were fired in their direction from a Makarov pistol and four of those shots hit Boris Nemtsov in his vitals. His head, heart, liver and stomach was hit and thus died almost instantly.

That was 4 hours after he appealed to the public to support a march against Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Putin took the investigation under his personal control, but the killer was never found.