5 Northern US & Canadian Folklore Creatures

1. Mahaha The Tickler
This particular creature is more native to the arctic which of course includes Canada. They are crazy demons that are described as being thin almost malnourished, they are mostly ice blue in colour and they are very cold to the touch.

Imagine a thin, almost skin and bones, frozen yet walking corpse just smiling and giggling all the time. They are the Mahahas. Demons that are usually seen with almost no clothing on but doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cold.

With their long bony fingers and sharp nails, they take pleasure in tickling their victims to death all the while giggling and smiling with them.

If you’re thinking that you can’t tickle someone to death, then you’re wrong. People could die from a heart attack or asphyxiation from all the laughing. So this is what happens to their victims. Tickled to death and all of them have a similar expression on their dead faces. The expression of a twisted frozen smile.

The only good thing about this creature is that it is not very smart and could easily be tricked. The old way is to try and get its attention on something and push it away in the water while its preoccupied. But it is an old folklore. They must have learnt something by now so good luck if you ever meet one.