5 Northern US & Canadian Folklore Creatures

3. Ogopogo
It is an aquatic creature said to haunt the waters of Lake Okanagan. It is known as Ogopogo from an old song around the 1940s but before that, they were actually called the N’ha-a-itk by natives from long ago which could mean the Lake Monster or Lake Demon. Then only around the 1872 was the legend back because of reported sightings of “something” that was in the waters.

A Canadian Ogopogo Stamp

Since its hard for me to pronounce the N’ha-a-itk, I’ll call it Ogopogo from now on. So the Ogopogo was described as a 20-50 feet long creature with a serpentine body and maybe a horse-shaped head.

The lake monster, if agitated, would claim whoever’s life that crosses the lake. That’s why natives usually offer sacrifices before going across it. Tho doing this does not guarantee their safety 100% because the lake monster can still attack without warning.

But its nice to know that lochness monster isn’t the only serpent like lake monster out there. Too bad or lucky for us they’re in different parts of the world.