5 Northern US & Canadian Folklore Creatures

Some Northern US and Canada has the same creepy creatures found in their folklore. Here are 5 found around those areas.

5. Waheela
They are known to prowl around the areas of Michigan and Alaska. The Waheela are very similar to the Amarok which is a giant grey wolf in the Inuit Mythology or the White Wolf of Ontario.

So, they are a sort of a Saber-wolf. Very large, larger than normal wolves, with a wide head and large feet which is proportional to their body. They also have long white fur. It is said that their hind legs are shorter than their front legs. When I say that, I just thought of a gorilla running.

Anyways, these Waheela’s are known to hunt alone and never seen to be in packs. That’s why in legends, the Waheela is said to be an evil spirit with supernatural powers. They would kill lonely hunters by themselves and would rip the hunter’s heads off of their bodies. Messily.