5 Native American Folklore Creatures

#3 Deer Woman

The Deer Woman or Deer Lady is a spirit that can shape-shift. There are two conceptions about the Deer Lady. One is that she is a benign spirit that might help women by giving her blessings to become fertile. Or two, the Deer Lady is a malevolent spirit that seduces men and lead them to their deaths.

In various folklore, the Deer Lady is often described as a beautiful woman but with deer hooves and beautiful deer like brown eyes while other times they appear like an old woman or even a deer. Then some even depicts the Deer Lady as half human on top and white-tailed deer for its lower half of its body. All in all, a woman with deer features.

There is a story in Oklahoma where the Deer Woman would trample people to death under her hooves. It is said that the Deer Woman is a spirit that was also a rape victim who was also killed. So her trampling people to death was her way of revenge.

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