5 Modern Controversies Surrounding Ancient Egypt

5. Chinese Graffiti

The Luxor complex houses a great collection of Egyption relics and structures of more than 3,500 years old. It is built on the site of the great old city of Thebes and is one of Egypt’s most popular tourism destinations.

So on May 24, 2013, a Chinese blogger called Shen Yuwen posted an image. The image is the start of the big controversy that involved China and Egypt. The image was of a graffiti that says “Ding Jinhao was here” on an Egyptian temple.

Thus, netizens of both Chinese and Egyptian were raging hard at the abomination. This made people search for the person responsible of the graffiti and actually managed to
find the culprit.

Within hours of the exploding rage, the people on the internet started doxing for information, they found a 15 year old boy called Ding Jinhao and even hacked the website of the school he went to with a pop-up mimicking Ding’s vandalism.

Must have done more than that because the kid made a full and public apology, crying all the way. His parents also apologized saying that their son had learned his lesson and the engraving was also removed on the same day.

Because of the event, the Chinese Foreign Ministry made an announcement and asked for the Chinese citizens travelling abroad to always comply with local laws and regulations while the China National Tourism Administration are now more careful about Chinese tourists giving them list of tips of do’s and dont’s for future visits.