5 Marks on Earth Supposedly Left by the Devil

Note from the title it says “supposedly”. Do you believe it or if you think its fake is up to you. But here are 5 marks on Earth supposedly left by the Devil throughout history.

5. The Devil’s Footprint, US

It is assumed that a rock or boulder in a town called Manchester, in Maine US, has the footprint of the Devil on it.

Why do they say its the footprint of the devil?

It’s because of the shape of the prints on the rock which seems to be the impressions of a human foot and a three-toed foot of the Devil and also because of the lore pinned along with the rock. The rock was said to be immovable by any natural means. Chiseling was impossible and according to one story, construction workers of an unspecified time, tried to move the rock but was unsuccessful. They were so desperate to remove the boulder that they even tried using dynamite but of course, it didn’t work as well. It came to a point where people were really annoyed that their work is taking longer than it should just because of the rock.

So one of the workers said something that he shouldn’t have. He said that he would gladly give his soul to the Devil if the devil would just move the rock. So the next day yes, the rock moved, but it moved several yards from what it was, which makes you think that the devil is just a big troll. But the worrisome thing that happened as well was that the worker who said he would sell his soul actually disappeared and was no where to be found ever again. It also doesn’t help that the place where the rock is situated is also a cemetery. So, yea, a lot of spooky stuff is happening in that area as well.