5 Halloween Costume Origins

Ever wondered about the origins of some well known Halloween costumes? Such as the bed sheet ghost and the sexy costumes? Here we’ll talk about their origins and how they came to be~

5. Vampire
The vampire costume are now so diverse everyone can be one by just putting on fangs, applying pale make up and by tweaking the costumes with a bit of glitter or a full on tuxedo and a cape. Of course don’t forget the fake blood near the lip area or some drips on the clothes. It has become a favourite for many years and is still a must during Halloween as it is very easy to pull of.

So before Twilight, before The Underworld, before Buffy the Vampire Slayer and even before Dracula, the notion of vampirism has existed for thousands and thousands of years as recorded in most cultures but only around the 18th century were the term vampires used.

The stories of vampire-like creatures have been around for so long, that there are different versions of them in different cultures as old as the Mesopotamian times which over the decades pops out all around the globe.

The common features they have are that they are the undead, have a grayish or purplish complexion you know, from not being alive and the act of drinking blood. Apparently early vampires don’t necessarily have fangs which is a must for modern vampires, at least sharp teeth.

There are a lot of folklore on vampire like creatures around the world and in different cultures but The Dracula definitely made the standard for today’s vampire but even that appearance is currently changing.