5 Germanic Mythological Creatures

1. Krampus


A Krampus is a horned and scary looking anthropomorphic creature. It’s quite hairy which is either black or brown and has cloven hooves. So its a bit like a big, scary goat that walks on its two legs. You know, a bit like a Faun but much more scarier.

The Krampus would carry chains with him which he would thrash about for intimidation. He would carry a bundle of birch branches or a whip to spank the children that were naughty. It would also sometimes have a sack strapped on his back for him to kidnap the children and drag them with him to the underworld.

Now, the Krampus is the opposite of St Nicholas. Interestingly they would be together during Christmas to give children either a reward or punishment. So if you were given coal as the gift be aware that you have been naughty.