5 Germanic Mythological Creatures

2. Erdhenne

The Erdhene is a spirit mostly found in the houses in the Alp region and Bavaria. They are almost like the Banshees that I have explained in my Irish Mythological Creatures video in that they act as a prophecy that death is coming.

Their appearance is very different from a banshee. The Erdhenne would usually be invisible being a spirit that roams the house but if they do appear in front of the human, they would appear as a shaggy, old and ash grey hen-like figure with a short neck.

So rather than wailing like a banshee, you would hear clucking sounds out of no where. The Erdhenne foretells death within a year and its usually the death of the person it shows itself to.

However, according to another legend, if it clucks and flutters its wings nine times, the head of the house would fall deadly ill. Another different legend claimed that the spirit will answer questions about the danger if asked directly.