5 Germanic Mythological Creatures

Here are 5 Germanic Mythological creatures. Most of these creatures would kill you. So aren’t you glad they are only mythological and not a common occurrence?

5. Alp


The Alps are creatures that appear in nightmares in the middle of the night. These creatures would appear in the dreams of men and women but prefers to disturb women more.

They could manipulate dreams to their liking and would create horrible nightmares. This is probably why Alptraum is the word for nightmare in German which if translated literally would mean Alp dream.

Other than manipulating dreams, they like to sit on the people that they are disturbing. The pressure from them sitting would become heavier until the crushing weight wakes the victim up. Thus, they were said to be the reason of sleep apnea, sleep paralysis and even night terrors.

Other than dream manipulating, they also like to drink blood. They would suck the blood through the breasts of humans and again prefers women to get the extra taste of breast milk. They apparently do that with cows as well, because they just like milk.

The alps are known to shape-shift. They can change into cats, pigs, dogs or even butterflies but to know that the animal is a shape-shifting Alp is by the hat it always wears.

The hat is known as a Tarnkappe which means magic or camouflage hat that gives them the power to turn invisible and maybe even shape-shift. The hat is always visible no matter what shape the alp takes.