5 Freaky French Folklore Creatures

2. Matagot/Mandagot

It is a spirit in the form of an animal, usually a cat but can be a rat, fox or even cows. It is a folklore from Southern France. The matagot are not entirely evil and not entirely good either, just like humans. I guess it depends on their mood and how well they are being treated.

What makes them special is that, they can bring wealth to you if you manage to keep one. Now, to lure the Matagot, you need a fresh, plump chicken to feed the Matagot with.

Matagot? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How you’re going to identify what animal is a Matagot remains a mystery. It all just depends on trial and error or just plain luck.

So once you manage to lure the Matagot towards you, you need to bring the creature with you without looking back all the way to your home.

At home, when it comes to meal time. Make sure to feed the Matagot whatever you are eating and drinking. You’d have to also make sure that it eats until it is full. If you do it right, you would have good luck and wealth given to you by the Matagot.

But be careful not to keep the Matagot the rest of your life because, if you are dying and the Matagot is still under your possession, you will suffer a long agony as if the soul cannot pass on and is stuck in your dying body.