5 Freaky French Folklore Creatures

3. Barbegazi

It is a variant of the dwarf or gnome. They live and travel in the mountain regions of France and Switzerland.
They are small, has a long beard, covered with white fur which is either its own or a garment they wear and has enormous feet. Also, their enormous feet that is always bare can be used as skis or snowshoes which is an advantage when living in snowy mountains.

by SamWolk from DeviantArt

Then during summer, they would aestivate or hibernate and would only come out when there is snow. Because of them only coming out during cold temperatures where humans are not so good with, they are mostly hidden from the world.

Though they hide most of the time, they are said to take care of the mountains and will protect the mountain environment from harm.

They are also benevolent that they will help people who got lost or even dying of the cold in the mountains especially those who have not done any harm to the mountain themselves.

It is said, that their best form of entertainment is to surf on the avalanches as if surfing on the waves. They would also give low whistles as a warning that an avalanche is coming.