5 Unusual Forms of Propaganda by Governments

Propaganda is quite a strong thing. Most propaganda goes unnoticed but its definitely around influencing people’s way of thinking. Some even influences people’s emotion to a certain idea or a certain thing. In this article, here are 5 forms of propaganda that has and known to have been used to change ones mind on an issue at hand.

5. Comic Books and Cartoons

The comic book industry were and is full of propaganda. Before World War II, comic books were starting to get famous with the people that the United States Information Office saw a way to influence the American minds. Through superheroes!

So right before the war started, there were a lot of pro-war comics being sold. Things like sabotage and subversion were common motifs in action comics.

Then during the war, comics would dehumanize the Axis powers and many superheroes were shown combating the Axis spies or activities.

Superman was depicted to attack the German Westwall in an issue of Das Schwarze Korps, the newspaper, giving the most attention that the creator of the issue was Jewish.

Even now, this is still going on. With series like World at War from DC or Civil War from Marvel. You know, just to mention a few war themed comics, they would still be able to shape and condition people psychologically in one way or the other. Also, this method is not going anywhere because comic books are literally read by almost any age groups.