5 Creepy Curses of Tourists Spots Around the World

Ever heard of cursed tourist spots? Some of these places seems harmless but they could get you cursed. You could be cursed either from taking home a souvenir from the place or from acting inappropriate by the place’s standards. Either way, the places are pretty harmless as long as you follow their rules.

5. The Ayer’s Rock Curse, Australia

The Ayer’s Rock or Uluru is said to be sacred for some Aboriginal tribes and the legend on how it came to be consists of different stories for different parts of the rock formation. It includes snakes in war with each other, two boys playing in the mud after a rainstorm or even lizardmen who got killed because of food.

Like most sacred places, one wrong move and you would get cursed. Your life would be a living hell. It is forbidden to climb on the rock because it shows disrespect to the place and means that you are walking all over what the ancients called “Dreaming tracks”. It is also advised to not bring any rocks from the place as you would be cursed with bad luck.

Complaints from people who disregarded the curse always point out that they are in fact cursed. Their curse may include family illnesses, death, accidents and even miscarriages. So what can they do to try and remove the curse? They send them back. Though, I doubt that would just suddenly get rid of the curse.