5 Creepy Creatures in Filipino Folklore

1. Manananggal

Beautiful woman by day, blood devouring, sharp teethed flying creature by night. They are described as a hideous, vampire like creature with bat-like wings and only has its upper body. Almost like the Penanggal in Malay beliefs as talked about in one of my videos, even the name sounds similar.

So this Manananggal can stretch its tongue and would use it to suck the hearts of fetuses or the blood of an unsuspecting victim. They’re favorite prey are pregnant women in their homes. Other times, most probably when they get bored of their usual diet, they would seduce men while in pretty lady mode to follow her to a secluded place and would proceed to eating them alive. Especially the innards like the heart, stomach or even the liver.

They hate salt and garlic like the traditional vampires we know. They would stay away from houses that hang garlic or have bowls of salt near any entrance of the house.

So that’s how you ward against them. But to kill them, you would have to find its lower half and spread salt and/or garlic on the partition. This is to prevent it from joining and transforming back into human. Because, the Manananggal will die as it is very vulnerable to sunlight in monster form.


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