5 Creepy Creatures in Filipino Folklore

2. Nuno Sa Punso

If there is a huge anthill, be careful because the Nuno sa Punso may live there. They are dwarf like creatures that some Filipinos might call the Duwende, but rather than dwarves they resemble more like small goblins.

They live in the anthill and would curse any disrespectful people who disturbs the anthill or worse, destroy their habitat by giving strange and sudden illness to that unfortunate person. But they could also bring good luck to people who are respectful enough to it. For superstitious people, the way to not be disrespectful is by saying these words,’tabi tabi po’ which kinda means excuse me.

There is a mysterious belief that goes around in South East Asian countries. It is about huge anthills. Though the beliefs may vary from region to region. But what most people believe is that the anthill has powers or something magical seems to inhabit the anthill. So it is wise not to disturb it in fear of consequences.

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