5 Creepy Creatures in Filipino Folklore

3. Bal-bal

by Iaaaaaaaaaan from DeviantArt

They are a type of ghoul. It has long sharp claws, teeth made for tearing meat off of bones and a good sense of smell that could put K9 dogs to shame. They use these features of theirs for scavenging corpses and eating them raw. After they are done eating, they would always leave the trunk of a banana tree in place of the body to trick people.

They are known to have a unique power of hypnosis where they would use it to make people sleep during a funeral while it goes to feed on the dead body. Because of its diet of corpses, it is known for having really bad breath. In Modern tales of the Bal-Bal, they say it would look like a normal human being. But as soon as the night is lit by the full moon, it would shapeshift into the disfigured ghoul.

Another story says that if you say its name, it will seek you out and devour your flesh. Beware of the one who must not be named.

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