5 Creepy Creatures in Filipino Folklore

The Philippines have a lot of folklore and mythology. They include creepy creatures as well. In Filipino Folklore, creatures there are many creatures that exists out of your imagination. Some are dangerous while some just wants to live their own lives. Here are 5 of these creatures that you’d definitely not want to meet.

5. Tiyanak

As we know that the Philippines is one of the largest Christian country on Earth, around 85% of their population are Christians. Knowing this, the Tiyanak are babies who died and are buried before receiving their baptism rites.

Because of this it is believed that after death the babies would go to Limbo and evil spirits can then possess the infant’s body and use it for evil deeds. They are vampiric in nature and would kill to eat inner organs and drink blood. The tiyanak can also be the offspring between a woman and a demon.

Most Tiyanaks are found and live in the forests. They would make crying sounds of a helpless baby as if being thrown away in the forest. When a human see’s it, it would look like a real baby from afar. But when the human goes to look at the source of the cry, right when the human is close enough to touch it, that is when the Tiyanak would change back to its true form that would look like a little baby goblin and attacks the human for food.

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