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20 Pokemon based on real life plants and animals

The creation of Pokemon are usually inspired from existing things on Earth. It may be real life plants and animals, folklore, beliefs and even inanimate objects. This article will talk about the Pokemon that are based on plants and animals.

20. Kangaskhan

Why they chose a name that sounds similar to Genghis Khan for a kangaroo like Pokemon? I don’t know. But I do know that in earlier design. The baby Kangaskhan should be able to evolve to either a Cubone or a bigger Kangaskhan. For it to evolve into a Cubone, the bigger Kangaskhan would have to die and then the baby Kangaskhan would take the skull and wear it on its head, just like how the current Cubone would be.

19. Mankey

As you can see would be based on monkeys but the white fur and the reddish face, that is specifically based on the Japanese Macaque. You know those monkeys in anime that like to bathe in the hot springs? Those are the Japanese Macaques.

18. Poliwag

They are inspired by the translucent tadpoles. Those swirls on its belly is its innards showing through. The same as poliwag if you read some of its Pokedex entries actually says that the poliwag has thin skin and “it is possible to see the Pokemon’s spiral innards right through the skin”. I’m now confused to whether I find it cute or not anymore.

17. Gorebyss

The Gorebyss are very cute water type Pokemon with purple sea shells that reminds me of mermaids. It’s real life counterpart which looks creepy rather than cute is the long nosed Chimera. Often mistaken for the long nosed shark because of you guessed it, the long nose, but the shark is mostly 3-4 metres long while the Chimera is mostly around 0.6 to 1.4 m long.

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