10 Pokemon Based on Inanimate Objects

4. Vanillite / バニプッチ, Vanillish / バニリッチ and Vaniluxe / バイバニラ

Well from their name and appearance, I don’t seem to need to say much about them. But I’m going to anyways. They look like ice cream~

One is an ice cream in the cake cone, waffle cone and the double cone for an extra scoop. Ice cream flavour is vanilla, very apparent from their name.

I find them really cute and when they get hot, their top melts. Very cute.

3. Honedge / ヒトツキ, Doublade / ニダンギル and Aegislash / ギルガルド

These Pokemon have a different feel to the other Pokemon since they are literally based on weapons. You know, a broadsword or together with a shield.

But even with that appearance they are still a Pokemon, much like how Mr. Mime looks too human to be a Pokemon but they still are.

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  1. I heard a theory that Dittos are failed attempts at cloning Mew, cause they share a lot of the same stats + moves.