10 Pokemon Based on Inanimate Objects

6. Klefki / クレッフィ

The klefki looks like a metallic key-ring. It’s face or body resembles a key and its mouth looks like a keyhole. Apparently this Pokemon loves collecting keys and any keys it takes a hold on would be its possession forever.

Klef means key in french and there’s a theory that the word klef could be a corruption of the word kleptomaniac which refers to its habit of stealing, in this case stealing keys.

Quite an adorable one if say so myself. Its design and its habits are just seem so adorable and innocent.

Bonus Pokemon:

Ditto / メタモン

Rather than an object you can touch, apparently this Pokemon is inspired by an emoticon. Specifically, 🙂 , the smiley face.

But if we were to nitpick, they are definitely from a single cell organism which has no definitive shape called the amoeba. But it could also be part undifferentiated cell which can change into any other cells by sampling it, thus ditto’s ability to shape-shift.

5. Klink / ギアル, Klang / ギギアル and Klinklang / ギギギアル

They are based on interlocking gears.

Weirdly enough, these pair of gears look like they’re in perpetual pain. I wonder if its from grinding into each other the whole time? It must be forever confused and dizzy just constantly turning like that.

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  1. I heard a theory that Dittos are failed attempts at cloning Mew, cause they share a lot of the same stats + moves.