10 Pokemon Based on Inanimate Objects

8. Geodude / イシツブテ and Graveller / ゴローン

Yep. A rock. What else is there to say? :3 Um.. I guess a moving rock that throws more rocks? Or should I say a boulder since they are big and round?

Hmm.. Next!

7. Trubbish / ヤブクロン and Garbodor /ダストダス

They are inspired by an overflowing bag of rubbish. But look at how Trubbish’s knot on its head looks like. It resembles a bit like bunny ears, which could be debated to give a reference to dust bunnies.

Also Garbodor’s japanese name is “dasu to dasu” (ダストダス) which could literally be dust to dust as a play on words of something dirty like trash and the name seems to also be part of the phrase “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” which talks about death.

Probably something along the line of “overflowing rubbish is dirty = pollution = death by garbage”.

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  1. I heard a theory that Dittos are failed attempts at cloning Mew, cause they share a lot of the same stats + moves.