10 Pokemon Based on Inanimate Objects

The Pokemon creature designs are based on various things. Even inanimate objects. Imagine everyday objects and put googly eyes on them. They might just pass on being a Pokemon. I jokes. But here are 10 of these inanimate objects that inspired these Pokemon’s design.

10. Magnemite / コイル and Magneton / レアコイル –

It is apparent that they are inspired from magnets. So why are they electric type? We could conclude it from its Japanese name which includes the word coil in it.

So if you were to coil a wire and pass a current through it, you would get an electromagnetic coil which acts exactly like a magnet.

Though the design of the Magnemite and its evolutions are much simpler with just adding U-shaped magnets, because who doesn’t know what a U-shaped magnet is? Even kids know them.

9. Chingling /リーシャン and Chimecho / チリーン

The Chingling reminds me of Christmas and cats. Because you know, they’re based on bells and what do you hear when santa claus is on his sleigh? Bell chimes! Then why cats? Well, for whatever reason, humans like to tie bells around the necks of cats which I find highly acceptable.

The Chingling evolves to a Chimecho which is an entirely different chimer. Its the type of wind chime that looks like an upside down bowl with a long hollow metal thingy in the middle that has a strand of string with decorative paper at the end that sways when the wind blows.

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  1. I heard a theory that Dittos are failed attempts at cloning Mew, cause they share a lot of the same stats + moves.